Genesis Performance Lab

The Genesis Performance Lab was an interactive experience first launched at the Streamsong Golf Resort in Florida as part of the Genesis invitational. The experience matched high performance sport tracking with custom animations that were displayed in an immersive experience. My team worked directly with Trackman Golf in developing a comprehensive software platform that utilized the data provided by the Trackman Golf unit. We created a series of tablet applications to help drive the experience. The final product included a projection mapped windshield that created a theater-like experience inside of the Genesis G90 vehicle.

We designed our visuals to best utilize the space on the windshield, and had our audio custom designed to take advantage of the surround sound within the vehicle. My roles in the project were the technical art direction lead and producer. I assisted and directed the team in the design of animations and tablet applications. My other major contribution was in developing the technical production of the projection mapping onto the vehicle and production of the event space and experience. We have continued on to launch this experience in various forms on a more national level at PGA Pro Tour Events, including the Farmer’s Insurance Open and the Genesis Open.