DTS – CES 2017

DTS is a company that specializes in audio and codecs. DTS asked us to create an immersive experience for their new trade show booth to be unveiled at CES 2017. The experience was comprised of various animations and audio tracks that highlighted their products. These videos and audio tracks were synced together across nine different screens and a 4.1 speaker setup to create an immersive environment. The highlight of the program was a vehicle that “drove around the booth” and viewers as they stood in the booth. We were able to create the feeling that the vehicle was driving around the viewers using audio trails.

My role in this was the Technical Creative Lead and Producer for the event. I helped manage the creative team and offered direction for achieving a successful implementation. I was the supervisor for the AV team that was used to help display the content. In addition to my two roles I also created many of the animations.

Below is a recap video that highlights the experience.