First Rides of 2016

The New Year is already here. It seemed to come quicker than expected (as it usually does) The past year I really tried to dedicate a lot of my time to being on the bicycle. It paid off! I got to travel to a bunch of places with friends and have some super awesome experiences. Unfortunately, a good portion of my season was cut out due to injury and some work traveling. This year I’m looking to continue that dedication to riding along with documenting more of my journeys on and off the bike.

Nate (@TheNateWay) and I took no hesitation to get the weekend rolling. We started off with a gravel road ride that ended in a pretty cold dark finish.




After a nice warm cup of tea, we packed up and headed to our local skatepark, Transitions (aka “the TRaP”). Upon arrival it was a lot busier than expected. We were hoping to have a chill session to get a good amount of shooting done. Instead we were limited to about twenty minutes to shoot. Here are a few photos from the session.





We decided to head back again to the skatepark Sunday to ride some more and to hopefully grab another photo or two depending on how busy it was. Here was my favorite photo from the night.